SpeedPix Hardware


All Surface Pro mounting plates have special slots that accept an optional small medium or large keyboard tray at either the front or the back..
Surface Go® (10 inch, almost identical to an iPad® size) mounts can accept a keyboard tray at the back or the front.although all our stands will hold an iPad SpeedPix does not currently work on iPads..
Stands can be fitted with a stainless steel cable – as an option to reduce theft when unattended. Clamp on stands have higher thief resistance..
All stands can accommodate a conventional laptop instead of a Surface Pro.
We strongly suggest using a dedicated laptop or Surface Pro for use with SpeedPix so it is always on and always instantly available at the push of one button.
Keyboards can be small Bluetooth, medium Bluetooth or medium USB or large USB. USB keyboards come with cable clips and special 90° elbow to minimise cable visibility.
You can have a USB keyboard and a Bluetooth keyboard both working with the same laptop or Surface Pro.
A Bluetooth keyboard is ideal when walking around your exhibition stand and engaging customers using large screen TVs on the back wall.
You can have multiple Bluetooth keyboards driving the same computer and screen. The small Bluetooth keyboard has an inbuilt track pad and is small enough to keep in your coat pocket.

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